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Agencies preparing response plans for dam failures, massive floods

Agencies preparing response plans for dam failures, massive floods

Jack Durham Mad River Union NORTHERN HUMBOLDT – There are several nightmarish scenarios – including the failure of a dam holding back Ruth Lake – that would result in a wall of water washing over homes and businesses in several communities, including Blue Lake and Arcata. In preparation for such disasters, the Arcata Fire District

Jails can’t treat mental illness

Paul Mann Mad River Union  HUMBOLDT —Imprisonment is intended to protect the mentally ill from themselves and from others, says longtime mental health patient Ann Marie Carlsmith. Yet the nominal protection has often been a razor sharp, two-edged sword in her turbulent experience. Arrest and incarceration immerse a hallucinating, hyper manic and terrified prisoner in

Can you solve the mystery of the missing Trump paintings?

Janine Volkmar Mad River Union TRINIDAD – “Camel Rock According to …” was one of the “most creative shows ever” according to Connie Butler, curator emerita of the Westhaven Center for the Arts. Marvin Trump, painter and retired architect who died last year, painted 20 views of Camel Rock, each in the style of a

Movie Review: ‘Asquatchalypse Now’ a tart, trippy trail tale

Kevin L. Hoover Mad River Union ARCATA PLAYHOUSE– A confession: all things Bigfoot induce in me a coma-grade boredom. I know, Sasquatch is our very own corny local monster, lighten up. But it’s also just a somewhat overachieving version of the many fleabitten regional legends nurtured by the rural chambers of commerce and gift shops

Suspicion surrounds cannabis-related banking

Daniel Mintz Mad River Union HUMBOLDT – As banking issues continue to affect the state’s legal marijuana industry, Humboldt County’s treasurer-tax collector has told the Board of Supervisors that the banking of marijuana tax revenue won’t trigger money-laundering oversight. The prominent issue of banking marijuana-related income was discussed at the Feb. 14 supervisors meeting. Supervisor

Eco-fun for everyone this week!

CITIZEN SCIENCE The HSU Natural History Museum, 1242 G St., Arcata, hosts a lecture Thursday, Feb. 23 at 7 p.m. about a citizen science project monitoring for the chytrid fungus in local amphibian populations. Retired wildlife professor Richard Botzler will share some of the outcomes of this three-year project working with local school kids and

Agendas on the agenda at tonight’s McKinleyville Municipal Advisory Committee meeting

Jack Durham Mad River Union McKINLEYVILLE –  The McKinleyville Municipal Advisory Committee may change its policy tonight, Feb. 22 on how items are placed on its meeting agendas. The proposal was spurred by a conflict last year, in which a committee member wanted to place an item on the agenda, but the request was refused