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The Hum ~ 7/19 ~ Finding the key: Safari Boots

The Hum ~ 7/19 ~ Finding the key: Safari Boots

Sometimes I wonder what I’m doing here. I mean that in the grand scope of finding purpose in life, in my work, in getting up in the morning to start another day. It’s something we all face, looking for a key that makes everything make sense. Sometimes you can find that key in a song

The Hum ~ 7/12 ~ What the Folk?

It’s Folklife week, officially or unofficially, when the Humboldt Folklife Society goes full bore with the annual Humboldt Folklife Festival. Was there a proclamation? Probably. You may be wondering, what is this Folklife stuff everyone is always talking about? Ten years ago I tried answering that question. (Forgive me if I repeat myself.) The easiest

Send in the clown/actor/engineer

Janine Volkmar Mad River Union BLUE LAKE – Pratik Motwani is the son of an engineer father and a botanist mother. And he has a degree in Electronics and Telecommunication Engineering from Mumbai University. No wonder his one-man show in this year’s Mad River Festival is all about the effect that technology has on our

Mad River Festival: Last chance to attend ‘The State of Jefferson Picnic,’ plus more Mad Lab & Red Light

Mad River Union BLUE LAKE – The 2017 Mad River Festival continues this week, with more Mad Lab and an adult cabaret. The State of Jefferson Picnic: This Land is Your Land, But Mostly My Land runs Thursday through Sunday at 8 p.m. in Dell’Arte’s Rooney Amphitheatre, closing Sunday July 2. Mad Lab 2 The

Theatre Review: Dell’Arte’s ‘Picnic’ packed with pratfalls & provocations

Lauraine Leblanc Mad River Union BLUE LAKE – In the early 1990s, my family took a road trip from Montreal to Atlanta to deliver me to grad school. When we arrived, my student housing apartment wasn’t ready, so we found a campground in which to spend Labor Day weekend, in Stone Mountain Park, Georgia. As