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Letters not necessarily to the Editor

More cops, please Note: The following letter was received by the Arcata City Council. – Ed. City of Arcata, I’m sure you all have your hands full and it’s probably like “preaching to the choir” but please help us out. As a citizen, father, landlord, voter, and Arcata business owner; we need to clean up

George Waller: McKinley, your eponymous ’ville would be proud to host you along with its totem pole

As I point out at the end of this letter, there are unquestionably deep moral and scientific arguments for removing the McKinley statue from Arcata and renewing it to McKinleyville, but the more intriguing question is, “What do Arcatans replace it with?” This question could provide such a bountiful wealth of fodder for future City

Letters to the Editor: Thoughts on McKinley, Trump and other pressing matters

Leave McKinley alone I have watched the statue of William McKinley be trashed and mocked for no good reason and for years on end. McKinley became President in an era when Irish workers were greeted with signs  saying “No Irish Need Apply.”  Thank you for noticing that he deserves better. Julie Timmons Eureka A slice

Opinion: We must fight racism & hate

I watched the events unfold in Charlottesville, Virginia, in shock and disbelief. Hatred, bigotry and racism were once again front and center. It is difficult for me to fathom, to truly understand how some people can harbor such vile hatred. How they can be devoid of compassion, empathy and understanding. We have seen an increase

Jada Brotman: How to deal with Nazis

I have been reading the Guardian newspaper of late, because I donated $25 to them (I strongly believe in supporting the press, but that’s another column), and I feel as though I should get my money’s worth. There was a story that has really inspired me. In Germany, a town recently dealt with its Nazi

Rambling Jack: On the Ku Klux Klan, the scourge of racism and removing statues

Despite the rumors, there is no evidence that the Ku Klux Klan is operating in McKinleyville. This was confirmed recently by Humboldt County Sheriff William Honsal (Union, Aug. 9). It’s also worth pointing out that the website of the Southern Poverty Law Center, which tracks hate groups, has no information indicating that the KKK operates

Renee Saucedo: Confronting white supremacy in Humboldt

I join the rest of the country in denouncing the racist violence in Charlottesville, Va. last weekend [Aug. 12]  and mourn the brutal killing of a young woman. Those of us who live in Humboldt County may not feel overwhelmingly concerned about the public presence of Neo-Nazis and white supremacists. After all, in “liberal” California,

Mayor Susan Ornelas: Welcome to Arcata

We are pleased that you are pursuing your life goals here at Humboldt State University, in the City of Arcata. We welcome you to the city, and appreciate what you bring – the uniqueness of you! Like HSU’s community, Arcatans care deeply about pursuing education, protecting the environment, and building a more just society. We