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Letters to the Editor, Nov. 8, 2017

The police have nothing to do “Some time ago when I was teaching in China, my students asked me, ‘When we arrive in America where do we buy guns; can we buy guns at the airport?”    My daughter-in-law, Dr. Carrie Wiebe, currently a professor at Middlebury College in Vermont, was shocked by the question.

Union Editorial: Beyond butcher paper activism

Arcatans are full of … ideas. Lots of them. Good ones, too. Unfortunately, none of them has improved conditions on the Plaza, at least not yet. Many, many, many meetings focused on the Plaza have taken place over the years. We’ve had them at City Hall, the D Street Neighborhood Center, the Community Center, the

Blue Lake Notes: Eat, dine, shop in Blue Lake

With this warm fall weather, Blue Lake is the best place to come and hang out. We have a beautiful trail that surrounds our Powers Creek District (formerly known as the Blue Lake Business Park). Take a walk on the levee and behind the brewery on a sunny and warm Blue Lake afternoon and then

Trinidad Tidings: The spotlight is on Trinidad’s lighthouses

The Native Daughters of the Golden West will be guests of Trinidad Civic Club Thursday, Nov. 2. The California heritage organization has been involved in preservation of the state’s historic buildings and places for generations. Several chapters are coming to Trinidad to support the civic club’s efforts to preserve the Trinidad Memorial Lighthouse, which is

Editorial: What we learned while cleaning up our plagiarism mess

We’re still reeling from our discovery that the Union’s former sports editor, Rick Macey,  plagiarized several articles that made it into print. Since then, we’ve taken several steps to try to mitigate the damage, take responsibility and apologize. A major part of the process is disclosure, and this is that. Though our former writer handed

Letters to the Editor, Oct. 25, 2017

The Bully in the Pulpit To President Theodore Roosevelt, the term “bully” was an adjective meaning something was wonderful. As such, he coined the phrase “bully pulpit” to mean the country listens to the president when he speaks policy. Unfortunately, President Trump has some difficulty with this. First, he often changes his message from day

Sungnome Madrone: Economic development and creating more jobs in McKinleyville

Currently, economic development and jobs in McKinleyville are dependent almost entirely on the bedroom communities’ own income and expenses. There is very little money from outside the community that is spent in McKinleyville. This is the status quo. So, how can we change this and develop more economic activity, bring in money from outside the

Trinidad Tidings: Mystery and basketry

The Trinidad Coastal Land Trust and the Trinidad Civic Club announce a memorial service honoring the life of Chi-wei Lin (May 16, 1936-May 23, 2017) at the Trinidad Town Hall on Saturday, Nov. 4 from 2 to 3:30 p.m. This will be an informal afternoon of sharing stories about Chi-wei Lin’s life’s journey from China

Mad River Union Editorial: We’ve been publishing plagiarized content. It’s our fault, and we’re sorry

Stunned. Shocked. SMH. WTF. These overused terms may have lost their potency, but it is still possible to experience the sensations they describe on a gut level. Last weekend, we did, in ways that are still unfolding. We found out that bylined sports articles in the Union and presented as original work have included plagiarized