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Letters to the Editor, Feb. 22, 2017

A civics review This week, I was listening to a phone-in radio program and a woman from Florida was all worked up about how the courts could dare to overrule President (gulp) Trump who was trying to keep our country safe from immigrants. Hmm, I’ll bet that she wasn’t paying attention during her high school

Marino Sichi: When America turned my Arcata family into Enemy Aliens

“This episode was one of the biggest mistakes the government ever made. What gripes me is that whenever this subject comes up, most Americans deny even hearing about this time in our history.” We all know Dec. 7, 1941 is a day that will “live in infamy.” For me, there are two other such days. One is Feb.

Letters to the Editor, Feb. 15, 2017

Read more about Mary Mary Burke will be an excellent addition to the McKinleyville Community Services District board.  Mary will be the only woman and the youngest member, and with her young son and husband, she represents families that will benefit from a voting voice in McKinleyville. Mary already volunteers on the Recreation Advisory Committee

Kevin Hoover’s So-Called Thoughts: Whither the coplog part II – the stay-the-coursening

Well, now I know. You want the Union’s Arcata Police Log to keep going, and so it shall. Last week I asked whether, with the advent of the online daily bulletins from APD – the same stuff I’ve been basing the coplog on for all these years – the Union’s wacky take should carry on

Letters to the Editor, Feb. 1, 2017

Only headed downward I respect Patty Fleschner’s choice not to protest but instead listen to and learn from the newly elected president’s Inaugural words (Union Guest Opinion, Jan. 25). Most of us , however, have already listened to and learned from his words throughout the past year during his campaign, so it can’t be said