Crab Gab: Join the Humboldt Crabs green team!

OUT STANDING IN HIS FIELD Bob Felter and the environment would like your help. Janine Volkmar | Union

Bob Felter wants you! Yes, you up there in the stands.

Join the new Crabs Green Team and after you help clean up the Crabs section of U.S. Highway 101 and don gloves to pick up the shrapnel from the July 14 and August 5 fireworks shows at the Arcata Ball Park, swag will come your way.

Yes, swag, such as Crabs tickets and a Green Team T-shirt.

You’ve read in this column about the beautiful and pristine eld that is the pride of the ballpark. The problem with fireworksis that they scatter tiny bits of toxic shrapnel all over the eld. It must be picked up after the show and picked up quickly.

The Crabs need 10 to 15 adult volunteers who can do that.

Bob Felter will be your fearless leader. He’s had lots of experience because he does highway litter cleanup with the McKinleyville Kiwanis.

Felter and his wife, Ginny, moved here in 2003.

“Before we even moved here, my wife couldn’t wait to go to a Crabs game,” he said.

Felter is that kind of guy who jumps in and helps, no matter how big or small the job is. He's a contractor who hasn't retired, but still has time for community work. He especially enjoys teaching parolees construction skills through a program called Second Chance.

“I sit up in the stands where a number of past board presidents sit so I hear when things need to be done,” he explained. And then he does them.

Take the highway cleanup program. “Matt Filar was president when that started. I told him he had so many things on his plate that I would just do it,” Felter said. And he did.

Felter says three times a year will do it for the highway cleanup and that seven volun- teers would be ideal.

“We’ve found three drivers’ licenses, credit cards, hubcaps, bags of pot, all kinds of litter,” he said. “We are not supposed to pick up broken glass, hypodermic needles, or dead animals.”

Felter is philosophical about litter. “There’s that guy in the pickup truck with trash blowing out of the back. He’s thinking to himself, ‘It’s not real- ly littering if it blows out of my truck.’ Oh, right.”

Felter and a group of dedicated volunteers also set up the ballpark. “We put up banners and set up the beer tarp. It’s really nice to have extra help,” he added.

Email Bob at to sign up for the Green Team.

“I know there are a ton of people in these stands that want to help,” he said.

Let’s prove him right.



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