Cal Poly Humboldt offers chance to leave buildings with no immediate arrestFree Access

Cal Poly Humboldt

CAL POLY CAMPUS – As part of an ongoing and urgent effort to protect life and safety in the ongoing crisis of occupied buildings, Cal Poly Humboldt is offering any of those currently in the buildings the opportunity to leave with a guarantee of no immediate arrest. This does not, however, eliminate University conduct-related sanctions or legal implications.

Those who walk out peacefully by the deadline will not be immediately arrested and will be able to leave campus without being arrested. In addition, voluntarily departing in this way will be considered as a mitigating factor in University conduct processes and may reduce the severity of sanctions imposed.

This offer is open until 4 p.m., Friday, April 26.

The offer applies to both students and non-students who are currently occupying buildings and illegally camping around them.

The individuals inside the buildings were told about this opportunity earlier today. They are also being notified by email and other communications channels.

A number of individuals have continued to occupy Siemens Hall since Monday, and have made efforts to occupy other buildings on campus. While the situation is largely stabilized, there is continuing destruction of property and other lawlessness in the central part of campus. This has caused complex operational challenges that require the closure of other facilities on campus. The occupation is having a negative impact on other students, who are trying to complete classes at the end of the semester

The Cal Poly Humboldt campus is closed through the remainder of the semester, and work and instruction continue to be remote.