Humb Progressive Dems pick Matthews, White for Arcata City Council


Humboldt Progressive Democrats endorsed several local candidates at our endorsement meeting of Aug. 31.

Using a virtual remote meeting platform, each candidate spoke to members about their vision and platform and answered question from members. Topics ranged from election integrity to police oversight to affordable housing. Members voted to endorse the following candidates in the Nov. 8 General Election

• Arcata City Council: Kimberley White and Meredith Matthews

• Eureka City Mayor: Kim Bergel

• Eureka City Council, Third Ward: Mario Fernandez

• Humboldt County Clerk/Recorder, Registrar of Voters: Juan Pablo Cervantes

The November election will be critical at both a national and local level. Election integrity and working class values are on the ballot as well as democracy itself.

As noted by Vice-Chair Michele Walford, “These candidates embody our progressive values – transparency and accountability in government, justice and compassion for all in our rural community, as well as the vision and capabilities to make it happen in the most efficient, eco-friendly, and human-centered way possible. We are fortunate to have in our community such a wealth of experience, knowledge, and caring as displayed by our endorsed candidates.”

Humboldt Progressive Democrats is an official Democratic Party Club, chartered by the Humboldt County Central Committee. We are grassroots, progressive activists mobilizing political participation for social, environmental, & economic justice.

Our vision is a free, open, transparent election process where electeds, candidates, and legislation can focus on achieving public needs, free from corporate money and influence. Please join us in making progressive change locally and beyond.

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