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Arcata continues to investigate Lawson homicide

Arcata continues to investigate Lawson homicide

City of Arcata ARCATA – Arcata Police Department continues an active investigation into the homicide of David Josiah Lawson. Since criminal investigations can take time, the City wants to remind the community that this is an active and open case. The Police Department is working through a defined investigative strategy based on all the physical

Big Bottoms pot plant planned

Kevin L. Hoover Mad River Union ARCATA – For years, Sun Valley Floral Farms has been asked whether they’d get into the cannabis cultivation business once the drug was legalized. The answer has been, consistently and adamantly: no. That’s still the case, despite what might seem like an ideal and highly profitable extension of the

North Coast Dungeness crabbing finally starts

Daniel Mintz Mad River Union HUMBOLDT – After waiting through a series of delays, the North Coast’s commercial Dungeness crab fishermen soaked their pots last weekend and started pulling them. A $2.75 per pound ex-vessel or off-the-boat starting price was negotiated between fishermen and processors in Oregon. Crabbers in Oregon and Washington began fishing on

Dogtown: Mature dog with experience seeking position

I’ve said it before, but something needs to change with regard to unwanted puppies. Late on Friday afternoon, four more youngsters came in to the shelter, joining the eight or so pups already there, with half a dozen that have been adopted already this month and eight little ones that are out with a foster.

Whatever is decided, The Village will make Arcata planning history

Kevin L. Hoover Mad River Union ARCATA – The Planning Commission held another marathon hearing on The Village student housing project last week, pondering the project’s Environmental Impact Report, permits and terms of a Development Agreement. The Village is a proposed 240-unit, 800-bed new student housing development in the Sunset Neighborhood on St. Louis Road

About those erroneous renewal notices… (it’s us, not you)

Mad River Union HUMBOLDT – We blew it! Mad River Union subscribers are receiving pink cards mailed out Wednesday that indicate (in most cases erroneously) that their subscription has expired. If you know this isn’t so, please disregard the renewal notice. Nothing will happen to your subscription. The cards were sent out following a bad

Watch out for the Wings of Death

Janine Volkmar Mad River Union BLUE LAKE – Cal Ferris has a wicked laugh. He’s a chef and the owner, with his wife Heidi, of Humboldt Hot Sauce, the local company that has been winning awards for its hot sauce all over America. But he’s not going for flavor or for the finesse of cooking