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Dogtown: These shy, sweet pups need a a happy home

Dogtown: These shy, sweet pups need a a happy home

Redwood Pals has been working with two shy shepherd girls, Marina and Trinity. These two have come so far and could use foster or adopter homes to help them come the rest of the way out of their shy shells and be the wonderful dogs that we know them to be.  Marina is a young

Dogtown: Rocky the Superdog’s double life, plus puppies!

Shelter dog Rocky leads a double life. Weekdays, he’s just another black and white Staffordshire Terrier mix waiting to be noticed at the shelter, but on the weekend he becomes a superdog, spreading joy and kisses to a whole community of canine-deprived students! Shelter management, working with Redwood Pals Rescue, is allowing Rocky to go

Dogtown: Spice up your spring with gentle Pepper

Happy Spring everyone! It’s no joke that nicer weather is coming to Humboldt County and it’s time to get out and explore this beautiful place that we call home. What better time to find a canine companion to join you on your adventures? We have some wonderful dogs that are ready to put their kennel