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McKinleyville pursues needle cleanup

McKinleyville pursues needle cleanup

Jack Durham Mad River Union McKINLEYVILLE – One of the telltale signs of America’s opioid crisis can be found scattered about the streets, parks and open spaces of McKinleyville – dirty syringes. The hypodermic needles are so prevalent in town that the McKinleyville Community Services is getting involved in the matter. The district office at

Rubbish fire doused in McKinleyville

Arcata fire District McKINLEYVILLE – Arcata Fire District responded to a rubbish fire on Douglas Avenue in McKinleyville on Monday, May 14.. Crews were notified at 10:01 a.m. of a reported vegetation fire on Douglas Avenue in McKinleyville with threat to nearby structure.  Upon arrival, units found access challenging due to a long narrow road

MCSD declares core values

Jack Durham Mad River Union McKINLEYVILLE – Integrity, responsibility, family and fairness are the four core values agreed upon by the McKinleyville Community Services District (MCSD) Board of Directors. The board has also approved a list of actions its members should take to make their behavior consistent with those values. The core values were unanimously

McKinleyville bans smoking in parks

MCKINLEYVILLE SMOKING BAN The days of swinging on a swing or playing baseball at a park in McKinleyville with a lit cigarette dangling out of the side of your mouth are over – at least if you want to follow the law. Virginia Slims, Marlboro Reds and all other cigarettes, including electronic smoking devices, can

Arcata, McKinleyville get help from Measure Z

Daniel Mintz Mad River Union HUMBOLDT – The Arcata, McKinleyville and Trinidad areas are benefitting from Measure Z public safety revenue, which is paying for school resource officers, sheriff’s deputy coverage and a walkway improvement. The board made decisions on funding recommendations from the Measure Z Citizens Advisory Committee at the April 24 supervisors meeting.

Traffic woes plague McKinleyville’s Hiller Road

Jack Durham Mad River Union McKINLEYVILLE – Neighbors on Hiller Road in McKinleyville are asking the county to do something to slow down traffic and to improve the safety of the road’s intersection with the Hammond Trail. Their efforts received a boost April 25 when the McKinleyville Municipal Advisory Committee (McKMAC) voted unanimously to send a

McKinleyvillers tell Dollar General to stand down

Jack Durham Mad River Union McKINLEYVILLE – A proposal to build a Dollar General store near McKinleyville High School is being met with opposition from some town residents, but there may be little they can do to stop the project. Dollar General has applied for a building permit to construct a new store on a

McK’s MARE working with local schools to expunge racism

Jack Durham Mad River Union McKINLEYVILLE – An effort to confront and try to put an end to racism continues in McKinleyville. At its March 28 meeting, the McKinleyville Municipal Advisory Committee received an update on the efforts of a group called the McKinleyville Alliance for Racial Equity (MARE). The group is made up of

McK’s second cannabis dispensary approved

Daniel Mintz Mad River Union MCKINLEYVILLE – Once a target of federal pressure, the Hummingbird Healing Center cannabis dispensary will re-establish itself in McKinleyville’s business center. A conditional use permit for Hummingbird was approved by the county’s Planning Commission at its March 15 meeting. Hummingbird will sell medicinal and adult use cannabis products out of